Tuesday, November 10, 2015

NikeiD Pendleton Option Closer Look

NikeiD has been an unstoppable force in the sneaker market over the past year, with new options constantly emerging.

Two of the most popular silhouettes to get NikeiD treatment are the Air Huarache and Air Max’s.

Allowing a completely customized shoe for the buyer, an artistic flare is brought out among us and the possibilities are endless.

nikeid pendleton

Now, NikeiD have given us more option’s with the “Warm and Dry” pack and here we feature Pendleton.

Pendleton has been a previous option a year or so ago and derives from the Woolen Mills known for their clothing.

nikeid pendleton 1

Designed to give a warm feeling to any of the shoe, it tricks out the Pendleton option and gives an almost hand knitted effect.

Coyote Butte Greyscale is the option used on the above Air Max 90 and offers a dual tone shimmer.

nikeid pendleton 2

The different colourways get their names from the Native American’s and the Roshe sample shows off Big Thunder Greyscale.

Warmth is the main factor delivered in this NikeiD option and arrives just in time for the cold months ahead.

nikeid pendleton 3

It’s not only mono tone shades on offer with the Pendleton option, but more brighter vibrant colours are also in the mix.

Nike Air Huarache is currently the most popular iD shoe out there and so was inevitable that Nike produced a sample for us to look at.

Pecos Turquoise offers both blue and red colours with yellows to break up the pattern.

nikeid pendleton 4

Pendleton can be used on the entire body of the shoe including the vamp and tip/eyestay formally known as the overlay.

An added touch of luxury is added to each Pendleton sneaker in the form of a outer stitched label.

nikeid pendleton 5

As mentioned before, NikeiD are offering numerous plain or patterned Pendleton options and have rolled it out across the majority of shoes.

Already live via Nike, it’s time to once again get your creative flare going and designing your own unique sneaker.

nikeid pendleton 9


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