Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Customise Your Laces At Lace Em Up


We’ve all felt it. That awkward moment when you think you’re the only one with a sick pair of kicks, only to see someone wearing the exact same pair walking by. You can’t stop people buying the same sneakers as you, but you can do something about making yourself stand out from the crowd.

Established by London-based sneaker enthusiast Matthew Jacob, Lace Em Up is changing the way we view our sneakers.

The online shoelace retailer launched in May this year in response to the demand of sneakerheads looking to make their shoes more unique, without having to splash the cash on NIKEiD.

Lace Em Up specialises in all kinds of styles including 3M rope laces, a variety of two-tone colours and the hugely popular Yeezy lacesin both black and white. You’ll be surprised at just how different you can make your sneakers just by upgrading your laces!


Although Lace Em Up is growing rapidly, and aiming to have their products in high street stores soon, founder Matthew Jacob is focused on maintaining friendly and fast customer service. If you’re looking for a particular pair, get in touch, and Lace Em Up will personally hook you up wherever you are in the world with the laces you’re looking for.

For all customers in October, you will automatically be entered into a raffle to win a Jason Markk cleaning set, so act fast! If that’s not enough, there’s 10% off all products exclusively for The Sole Supplier readers by using the following code: SOLESUPPLIER

If you’ve never customised your sneakers before, upgrade your laces at and give it a try. It’s cheap, creative and adds a whole new dimension to your favourite kicks.



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