Thursday, February 25, 2016

Adidas Ultraboost New Colourways


The Ultraboost from Adidas has been one of the most sought after shoes of the past few year. This model alone has been responsible for Adidas huge rise in sales of recent years and it’s easy to see why. The low profile runner isn’t just admired by running enthusiasts, everyone loves how comfortable these kicks are! Here, we take a closer look at two great new colourways for the Ultraboost available both for men (Grey) and women (navy).

Each pair is dressed in a predominately muted base of either Navy or Grey, however the toe region of each pair is very colourful.

adidas-ultra-boost-women-af5143-night-navy-2 adidas-ultra-boost-aq4003-multicolor-3 adidas-ultra-boost-women-af5143-night-navy-1 adidas-ultra-boost-aq4003-multicolor-1 adidas-ultra-boost-aq4003-multicolor-2 adidas-ultra-boost-aq4003-multicolor-4 adidas-ultra-boost-women-af5143-night-navy-3
Adidas Ultraboost Release Date

These two Adidas Ultraboost new colourways are available now and each have a price tag of £140. You can find the product pages for each pair right here.

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