Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Puma Fenty Trainer by Rihanna On Foot Shots

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We wonder if Kylie Jenner will have the same success as PUMA poster girl Rihanna at the brand? Since being appointed Women’s Creative Director two years ago, Rihanna dropped her first shoe a year later which was the awesome PUMA Creeper. Now, she’s back at it again with a trio of colourways for the high-top Fenty Trainer. The Puma Fenty Trainer by Rihanna looks futuristic and funky, perfect for the modern day urban girl.

The shoe is available in either all-red, all-white or all-black. Each pair has an upper and tongue is made from a blend of different styles of mesh to give the pair different textures. The most drawing feature has to be the over-exaggerated tongue which we think you will either love or hate!

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Puma Fenty Trainer by Rihanna Release Date

The Puma Fenty Trainer By Rihanna is scheduled to release on 26th February although no price tag has been announced yet.

In the meantime, keep an eye on our social media pages for updates and release reminders and on foot shots over on our Instagram page.

Which colourway do you like? Let us know which in the comments section below.

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