Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Nike Air Max 90 Sweet Schemes City Pack


The women’s exclusive Nike Air Max 90 Sweet Schemes City Pack is centred around indulgent food and beverages from six popular cities.

The collection is made up of six colourways designed to represent six sweets from different cities including, New York, Paris, Tokyo, London, Shanghai and Milan. Each pair offers a different flavour and aesthetic . Which desert will you order?

Each of the shoes feature the iconic visible air unit in the heel, which first featured in the Air Max one way back in 1987. The shoes are all so radically different and it will be hard to pick a favourite. Go with your gut and take a look at the images below:

London – Eton Mess

nike-air-max-90-city-london-eton-2 nike-air-max-90-city-london-eton-3 nike-air-max-90-city-london-eton-4 nike-air-max-90-city-london-eton-5 nike-air-max-90-city-london-eton-1

Milan – Aperitivo

nike-air-max-90-city-milan-apertivo-2 nike-air-max-90-city-milan-apertivo-3 nike-air-max-90-city-milan-apertivo-4 nike-air-max-90-city-milan-apertivo-5 nike-air-max-90-city-milan-apertivo-1

New York – Strawberry Cheesecake 

nike-air-max-90-city-nyc-cheesecake-2 nike-air-max-90-city-nyc-cheesecake-3 nike-air-max-90-city-nyc-cheesecake-4 nike-air-max-90-city-nyc-cheesecake-5 nike-air-max-90-city-nyc-cheesecake-1

Paris – Macaron 

nike-air-max-90-city-paris-macaron-1 nike-air-max-90-city-paris-macaron-6 nike-air-max-90-city-paris-macaron-5 nike-air-max-90-city-paris-macaron-4 nike-air-max-90-city-paris-macaron-3 nike-air-max-90-city-paris-macaron-2

Shanghai – Must Win Cake

nike-air-max-90-city-shanghai-cake-2 nike-air-max-90-city-shanghai-cake-3 nike-air-max-90-city-shanghai-cake-4 nike-air-max-90-city-shanghai-cake-5 nike-air-max-90-city-shanghai-cake-1

Tokyo – Harajuku Crepe

813153_100_E_rectangle_1600 nike-air-max-90-city-tokyo-crepe-1 nike-air-max-90-city-tokyo-crepe-2 nike-air-max-90-city-tokyo-crepe-3 nike-air-max-90-city-tokyo-crepe-4 nike-air-max-90-city-tokyo-crepe-5
Nike Air Max 90 Sweet Schemes City Pack Release Date

The Nike Air Max 90 Sweet Schemes City Pack will be available September 18 at select Nike Sportswear retailers and on nike.com.

In the meantime, keep an eye on our social media pages for updates and release reminders for this awesome looking pack.

Ladies, what do you think of this pack? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.




Images via Sneakernews + Complex


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