Monday, February 15, 2016

Black Yellow Huarache Remake Closer Look

Any self confessed Huarache-head will have a pair they call ‘Grail’s’ and will probably never even break them out of the box.

Whether it be the Mowabb’s, Wings & Waffles or the Stussy pack, we all have a pair we treasure and for some, it is Le Tour Yellow.

When Nike dropped the Black/Tour Yellow bad boys upon us, the Huarache hype wasn’t as strong, but sneaker heads have since opened their minds a lot more to make this a ridiculously desirable colour.

black huarache 11

Nike Air Huarache Run “Black/White/Yellow” aka The Remake

As stated the original Tour Yellow editions are very rare and hard to get hold of nowadays, even after Nike re-released them in 2013.

Now however, it’s got a little easier to get an almost identical look on a general release pair.

black huarache 111

A remake of the popular silhouette has dropped, which offers all of the same trends we find in the previous editions.

A brushed suede black upper completely decks out the main body of the shoe including overlay and vamp.

black huarache 112

Black tongue and collar as well as a blackout lace section follow suit of the Tours and we first see the yellow upon the logo patch.

The heel cage unit doesn’t differ from the originals neither and blends into the dark sinister looking shoe.

black huarache 114

The only difference from the Grail’s is the strap and quite a subtle difference it is.

Yellow is used on the text part at the rear as opposed to the entire strap section seen a few years back.

black huarache 115

A white mid-sole section and black out-sole complete this sneaker in familiar fashion and for those who cant afford the £250 + price tag of the Tours then this is a great option.

black huarache 116

Just like the previous editions these are a UK exclusive and as such have already started to command high re sell prices even though certain sizes are still available here.

Colourway: Black/White/Yellow

Release Date: January 2016

black huarache 118

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